000 aborted babies to heat their buildings while telling moms their aborted infants were cremated.

This must make hospital administrators happy especially, knowing they can lower their operating costs by incinerating aborted babies to carefully turn skin, bones, human brain tissue and once-beating hearts into BTUs. Christmas bonus, anyone? Just like Nazi crematoriumsIf the image of bodies becoming incinerated in massive ovens appears familiar, that’s because the same atrocity occurred during another dark era of human history: the Nazi-operate Holocaust and attempted extermination of the Jews. In focus camps like Auschwitz, human being bodies were incinerated in substantial ovens, exactly like it has long been performed in UK hospitals: Auschwitz crematorium, or UK hospital? They look the same and accomplish the same job.Abhijeet J. Lele, Managing Director of Investor Development Capital, added, Agile can be making important improvement in its clinical development programs, with not only AG200-15, however in its pipeline products like the levonorgestrel-only patch also, AG1000, for ladies who are breastfeeding or cannot use estrogen-based contraceptives. We anticipate supporting the company’s development, and bringing innovative products to the women’s health market to fill a compelling unmet want. According to advertise research conducted on behalf of Agile with 105 OB/GYN physicians who are significant prescribers of contraception, 89 % said they would be likely to prescribe AG200-15.