1 in 5 people infected with swine flu during first 12 months of epidemic.

1 in 5 people infected with swine flu during first 12 months of epidemic, WHO-led study shows ‘At least one in five people worldwide were infected with swine flu through the first season of the 2009-2010 H1N1 pandemic, an international research group said on Friday, but the death count was just 0 Click to read more about the treatment .02 %,’ Reuters reports . The WHO-led study ‘looked at more than 90,000 blood samples before and during the pandemic in countries including India, Australia and the U.K.,’ and ‘demonstrated many people have been infected, although not all would have created full-blown flu,’ BBC Information notes .

1 in 5 Australians expect antibiotics for coughs and colds: New NPS campaign 1 in 5 Australians expect their doctor to prescribe antibiotics for themselves and/or the youngster when they have a cough or chilly, new research from NPS has found. Of the 1013 Australians surveyed nationwide*, 4 in 5 also stated they anticipate a prescription from their GP if they have an ear, nose, throat or chest infection, with more than half saying they might ask their GP for one. The survey also revealed a plethora of misconceptions when it comes to antibiotics with just half of respondents realizing that bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics. A number of resources, equipment and information to greatly help consumers find out more about becoming an antibiotic level of resistance fighter are now on the NPS website.