15 million preterm babies born each year: WHO global report By Dr Ananya Mandal.

For instance, providing $1 steroid pictures during preterm labor hastens advancement of immature fetal lungs. They’re regular in created countries; wider use in low-income countries could save nearly 400, 000 babies a year.1 per cent. Related StoriesExcessive gestational pounds gain affects women in the lengthy runPregnant females with elevated blood-sugar levels more likely to possess babies with heart defectsNew research discovers high prevalence of HIV among pregnant refugee ladies in OntarioAntibiotics are also needed to fight the infections that often kill fresh born infants, and antiseptic cream to avoid umbilical cord contamination.Ajinomoto will not use sources of animal origin in its cystine and cysteine production. The brand new fermentation initiative will end up being carried out in another of Ajinomoto’s existing facilities. Product rollout is anticipated in late 2011.

Administering ondansetron drug to kids is economically advantageous Two years ago, a report by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers discovered that an anti-vomiting drug called ondansetron helps reduce vomiting, the necessity for intravenous hospital and fluids admissions in children with acute gastroenteritis. Now a fresh economic analysis led by Canadian researchers, in collaboration with Michael J. Steiner, MD, associate professor of pediatrics at UNC, concludes that routinely giving ondansetron to children with gastroenteritis-induced vomiting would prevent thousands of hospitalizations and save huge amount of money each year.