2 million children with covered parents are uninsured in the U.

2 million children with covered parents are uninsured in the U.S www.kamagrab.com . Some 2.3 million children a full year, mostly from low – to middle-income families, haven’t any ongoing healthcare coverage to cover preventive or other medical needs, even though at least one of their parents is covered, according to a fresh research supported by HHS’ Agency for Healthcare Analysis and Quality and the National Middle for Research Resources, part of HHS’ National Institutes of Health. The new research, published in the Oct. 22/29, 2008, on-line issue of JAMA, is one of the 1st to examine the characteristics of uninsured kids under age 19 whose parents were insured all season. These children account for 25 percent of the estimated 9 million uninsured kids in the usa.

2004 UNAIDS Report – last year 5 million people became infected with HIV UNAIDS has warned that the number of people coping with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, has risen atlanta divorce attorneys region of the world and last year 5 million people became newly infected with HIV – more folks than any previous 12 months. The findings are within the 2004 UNAIDS Report on the global AIDS epidemic, today before the XV International Helps Conference released, to be kept in Bangkok, July 2004 Thailand from 11-16. The new statement signifies the most accurate picture of AIDS to date due to the more comprehensive nation surveillance data and improved methods for estimating HIV rates.