3 billion in Detroit hospital upgrades could travel up health costs A new report shows that $1.

$1.3 billion in Detroit hospital upgrades could travel up health costs A new report shows that $1.3 billion in upgrades to hospitals in Detroit could travel up healthcare costs http://suhagracipla.org/sexuality/ . ‘Workers and employers may end up spending money on these tasks with higher medical health insurance premiums, according to the report, released today by the National Institute for Health Care Reform, a Michigan nonprofit made by the UAW and the automakers.’ The extensive analysis was carried out by the Centers for Studying Health System Change. ‘Among the projects cited may be the proposed $850 million upgrade to the Detroit Medical Center’s hospitals – – spending that depends on the DMC’s sale to for-profit Vanguard Wellness Systems – – and Henry Ford Health’s planned $500 million investment to develop land south of its Detroit hospital.’ The Voluntary Workers’ Beneficiary Association, operate by the UAW, was ‘created in 2005 to help purchase union retiree benefits ‘ and ‘is the solitary largest purchaser of health services in the Metro Detroit, the survey found’ .

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