300 sportspeople and found alcohol-related businesses sponsored almost half of them.

The sponsorship ranged from financial incentives, such as for example payment of competition fees and the supply of sports kit, but almost half of the sponsorship deals included free or discounted alcohol for sporting post-match and functions celebrations. The study, in the December edition of the journal Addiction published, discovered that sportspeople sponsored by the alcoholic beverages industry were more likely to activate in binge drinking than people that have no alcohol sponsor. This figure increased significantly when the sponsorship offer included free or discounted booze, and among those sportspeople who believed there was an obligation for them to beverage the sponsor’s items or attend their establishments.In addition, it demonstrates the seriousness of tobacco addiction, equating its grip on the individual to that of heroin. It reinforces the actual fact that these addictions are very physiological in character and that breaking from the habit is obviously more than just mind over matter, says McGehee. This function is supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health, T32GM07839 and F31DA023340 to JPB, DA015918 and DA019695 to DSM.

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