500 more dead sea lions.

Radioactive plumes are touring eastward across the Pacific still, affecting everything in their path. Nuclear expert Arnie Gunderson, during a recent episode of Radio Ecoshock, warned that the worst continues to be yet to come from Fukushima. He reiterated this warning during a subsequent airing of the Nuclear Hotseat show, emphasizing that both groundwater and soil are threatened by these radioactive plumes, which will continue to cause problems for most decades. We are not at the peak, he stated, noting that two radioactive plumes are traveling up and down the West Coast presently, one near Canada and the other close to California and Oregon.By identifying subgroups of individuals in the MAP.3 trial who would benefit most or who be most vulnerable to toxic effects, one might be able to decrease the true number needed to treat. Despite these limitations we found a favorable risk-to-benefit ratio with a strong preventive effect of exemestane and, with a restricted median follow-up of three years, an excellent safety profile across a spectrum of women at average to risky for breast cancer. We reached our protocol-specified amount of events for this final evaluation; after unblinding, females taking the active medication shall be offered exemestane to full 5 years of therapy, and MAP.3 sites will have the option of offering 5 years of exemestane treatment to those initially designated to placebo.