57 genes associated with multiple sclerosis By Dr Ananya Mandal more.

57 genes associated with multiple sclerosis By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD An international research group has found nearly 30 genetic risk factors that predispose to developing multiple sclerosis. It brings to more than 50 the total quantity of genetic clues to the disease. The research, published in Nature, can help identify risk factors and perhaps future treatments or perhaps a cure, hopes the MS Society more . The experts say that many of these genes are linked to immunity, backing the essential idea that the disease is normally triggered when the disease fighting capability turns against itself. Genes are only area of the whole story, nevertheless, with other factors, such as vitamin D or a viral infection, thought to play a significant role.

‘More than 51 million operations are performed every year in the U.S.,’ lead writer Dr. Catherine Meads, of Brunel University in britain, said in a news launch from The Lancet, which released the findings Aug. 12. ‘Music is a noninvasive, safe, inexpensive intervention that needs to be open to everyone undergoing surgery,’ she said. ‘Patients should be allowed to pick the type of music they wish to hear to increase the benefit with their well-being.’ The only caveat: ‘Care needs to be taken that music will not hinder the medical team’s communication,’ Meads said. In their research, her team examined data from 72 studies that included 7 nearly,000 patients.