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But we need to change just how we perform what we perform also,’ Clinton told the conference, Reuters reports. ‘If we’re going to make this case, they need to believe that we are doing our job faster, better and cheaper. After that we have the moral position to go ask visitors to give us more money.’ Bill Gates also addressed the necessity for increased efficiency in spending during a speech at the conference Monday, the news headlines service adds . ‘Also if we advocate for even more funding, we are able to do more to find the most reap the benefits of each dollar,’ Gates said, the AP reports.Since the beginning of the system in 1955, 43 fellows have obtained a Nobel Prize within their respective field, 16 have won the Areas Medal in mathematics, 65 have received the National Medal of Research, and 14 have received the John Bates Clark Medal in economics, including every winner since 2007. More info on the achievements of former Sloan Research Fellows are available at Over the years, the Sloan Research Fellowships have become many of the most sought-after fellowships available to early-career scholars, says Daniel L. Goroff, Vice President at the Sloan Director and Basis of the Sloan Study Fellowship program. Learning to be a Sloan Study Fellow means joining an extended and distinguished custom of scientific explorers who’ve gone to maximize meaningful and significant discoveries.