A hazy pigmented lesion What does dermoscopy reveal about this lesion?

A hazy pigmented lesion What does dermoscopy reveal about this lesion? Case presentation A 29-year-old female had a longstanding 6 mm size pigmented mole on her behalf upper back irregularly. Dermoscopy of the mole exposed hazy pigmentation with an asymmetrical design and a focally hyperpigmented focus at the upper right edge. There is an irregular pigment network with patchy little diameter mesh noopept uk suppliers . The network at the periphery blended with the encompassing freckles. Excision biopsy of an epidermis was uncovered by the lesion with a prominent elongated rete ridge system, which projected in to the dermis as an anastomosing network. There were uniform pigmented melanocytes at the epidermal junction, and melanocytes were also present as clusters of little focally pigmented cells in the upper dermis..

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