A Washington Post editorial says.

The six medical workers were sentenced to death by firing squad in May 2004 for allegedly infecting 426 kids through contaminated blood products at Al Fateh Children’s Medical center in Benghazi, Libya. They also were purchased to pay a total of $1 million to the families of the HIV-positive kids. The Libyan Supreme Courtroom in December 2005 overturned the medical employees’ convictions and purchased a retrial in a lesser court. The health employees say they are innocent of the charges, claiming that these were pressured to confess and that they were tortured by Libyan officials during interrogations.Drug companies actually import many of the raw materials used in pharmaceuticals from additional countries, meaning that some U.S. Medications already are sourced from countries like the U.K. And Germany. Drug companies mark up their prescription medications as much as 569,000 percent over the price of the raw materials. Retailing pharmaceuticals is profitable hugely. There is no business in the global world with more profit built-in to the retail price of the product. The objective of restricting Us citizens from buying medications from additional countries is usually to enforce a medical monopoly in the usa, forcing consumers to get drugs at the highest prices in the global globe, further padding the gains of effective and influential pharmaceutical corporations who exert strong influence over the Bush Administration and Republican lawmakers.