AARP has long supported healthy behaviors and prevention efforts.

For those who have a home in long term care facilities, the vaccine has been shown to be 50-60 percent effective in avoiding hospitalization and 80 percent effective in preventing loss of life from the flu.. AARP recommends older adults to get seasonal flu vaccination this full season With the thermometer dropping and the onset of flu season upon us, AARP is calling their membership and the general public to cause them to become get yourself a seasonal flu vaccine this year. AARP has long supported healthy behaviors and prevention efforts, stated Merri Dee, AARP Illinois Condition President. We encourage all older adults to protect themselves and those around them by getting vaccinated.5 JAMA Internal Medicine. In the study, researchers analyzed data gathered by the annual American Time Use Survey between 2005 and 2013. The study, carried out by the Bureau of Labor Figures, measures the quantity of time people spend at numerous activities. The study authors then compared enough time estimates with data promptly spent with your physician collected from 2006 to 2010 by the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey. Whites only had to great their heels for about 80 minutes normally in a doctor’s waiting around room.