About 20 percent of surveyed sex workers who use drugs in Irish capital coping with HIV.

The report surveyed 35 drug users in the populous city who are or had been involved in the sex industry. The participants had the average age of 29. The report found that most the sex employees surveyed, or 88 percent, were receiving methadone treatment but also concurrently using other drugs. In addition, the statement included surveys of wellness employees, who said that it is becoming increasingly tough to reach sex workers as they are becoming less visible in the town because of the increased usage of mobile technology, such as the Internet and cell phones, to get hold of clients . The experts made several recommendations to address issues surrounding sex employees, including that the federal government should continue funding providers for the population, the PA/Google.com reports.To get accreditation for both the Scottsdale and Tampa facilities, LSI underwent an extensive self-assessment of processes, policies and procedures, and a rigorous on-site two-day study by the Accreditation Association group. LSI successfully fulfilled or exceeded all nationally identified best practice specifications established by AAAHC, providing the highest-level quality of ambulatory treatment obtainable. LSI’s flagship Tampa facility boasts seven operating rooms, while it’s 32,000-square-foot sister facility in Scottsdale offers four state-of-the-art ORs, and patients at both get access to MRI imaging, radiology, physical therapy and exam rooms all of the with the most advanced equipment available technologically.