According to a 50-year-long research of death and smoking cigarettes among British doctors.

In a right time when advancements in wellness can prolong life, half of all smokers die within their middle years. Smoking cigarettes continues to be the greatest single reason behind preventable illness and premature loss of life in the united kingdom and is the biggest public health problem we encounter. Nurses are in the forefront of individual care and see the devastating effects of smoking. Exposure to second hand tobacco smoke cigarettes, a known carcinogen, has been proven to kill nonsmokers; so this issue needs addressing. The Royal College of Nursing really wants to see the federal government ban smoking in enclosed open public places across the UK. The latest RCN Congress Resolution on smoking in public areas received an 86 percent vote in favour of persuading the government to instigate a ban.According to advertise research conducted with respect to Agile with 105 OB/GYN physicians who are significant prescribers of contraception, 89 % said they might be likely to prescribe AG200-15. Almost half said they would prescribe it immediately upon approval, demonstrating that physicians perceive a big need among their patients for the comfort and ease and capability of Agile’s low-dose, weekly contraceptive patch. This physician data supports the results of Agile general market trends with 1,500 females, where nearly two-thirds of the participants said they would inquire their doctor about AG200-15 if it were available to them.

79 percent of uninsured and unemployed unacquainted with free medicine programs With nearly 15 million people still without jobs, programs that help patients receive their medicines either for free or at reduced cost are a godsend for most.