According to function done in mice by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medication.

Rossi said these outcomes suggest that mutations accumulating in stem cells because they age group were stopping them from carrying out their regular job of producing new blood and disease fighting capability cells. However, these total results were in mutant mice. Rossi wanted to understand if the stem cells in normal, healthy mice also accumulate damage because they age. To handle this, in the second set of experiments, Rossi isolated stem cells from the bone marrow of normal youthful and old mice, after that stained those cells with a chemical that clings to a proteins that’s connected with DNA harm.Public presumptions When the parents decide to for an abortion, the society impresses serious doubts over the legality of the youngster. It is presumed that the pregnancy provides resulted from an illegitimate relationship, and therefore the few wants an abortion. Teenage pregnancies In consonance with the above point, abortions, generally in most of the cases, are carried out by young teenage women. Teenage pregnancies are common in the contemporary societies, with principles such as live-in relationships getting ultimately more popular than ever. A, unmarried pregnant girl is never ready to take up the responsibility of a baby, and therefore, she is likely to abort the baby.