According to researchers from Duke University in Durham.

In the study, 43 sufferers had been evaluated before using 3D MDCT angiography. In 40 of 43 individuals, surgical findings concurred with MDCT results, indicating that 3D MDCT can be an accurate method for imaging liver arteries prior to surgery, stated Erik K. Paulson, MD, an author on the paper. Previously, individuals underwent catheter angiography, diagnostic CT and an MRI aswell sometimes. Now, all the relevant imaging issues can be tackled in one noninvasive check, stated Dr. Paulson This saves price, reduces risk to the individual and saves time, he stated. Related StoriesWider geographic sharing of pediatric donor lungs can increase transplant rates for young U.S. PatientsSleep deprivation can influence final result of stem cell transplantation, study findsFindings reveal a fresh way to prevent meningitisIn a separate research, University of Iowa researchers have found that using MR angiography before a liver transplant might help identify which sufferers will suffer complications.Vinegar acne treatments definitely fit the bill with regards to natural treatments for acne. So, if you want to go with a treatment that is all natural, apple cider vinegar can be all natural and can provide you with positive results. 2) Drink it Every Day If you would like the vinegar acne remedies to really provide you with great results, you will have to drink it every day. Of course more than likely you will not find the taste to be wonderful, which means you may not be able to handle drinking it down directly. If you want to, consider mixing the vinegar in with green tea and drink it at least once a full day.