AMAG Pharmaceuticals reports fourth-quarter 2009 net product revenues of $12.

Total working costs and expenses for the year ended December 31, 2009 were $115.1 million in comparison with $81.5 million for the same period in 2008. The increases in operating costs and expenses in 2009 2009 over the comparable 2008 periods were because of increased primarily selling, general and administrative expenses from the commercialization of Feraheme. The Company reported a net lack of $18.4 million, or a loss of $1.07 per diluted and basic share, december 31 for the quarter ended, 2009, as compared to a net loss of $21.8 million, or a loss of $1.28 per basic and diluted talk about, for the same period in 2008.The vaccine candidate is founded on another food-borne disease culprit, salmonella, which the Curtiss group, through genetic engineering, has recast to create a suite of experimental vaccines against a variety of human and pet pathogens. The project compliments an ongoing, two-year, $400,000 National Institutes of Wellness award to build up a human being vaccine against ExPEC. Heading viral By far the most widespread food-borne threats aren’t bacterias at all, but viruses. Of these, Norwalk-like infections, or noroviruses , take into account two-thirds of all food-borne illness cases, 33 % of hospitalizations, and 7 % of deaths.