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Lipkin is assistant professor of medical preventive medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. The finding that 33 % of the wedded patients in the study did not choose their partner as surrogate is certainly noteworthy, because physicians look to spouses as informal surrogates regularly. Additionally, over a quarter of survey individuals chose someone other than the person defined as an emergency contact to act as proxy in medical decision-making. ‘When patients choose a surrogate who is not the person doctors would usually consult or who not become empowered as an alternative decision-maker under state laws, physicians are alerted to engage these patients within an advance care planning process that ensures the formal appointment of their preferred healthcare agent,’ Lipkin said.The Tea Panel of India, consisting of 31 users from the market including tea manufacturers, tea traders, tea agents, consumers and representatives of governments from the main tea-producing states and trade unions, argued that Indian teas are ‘totally secure.’ The plank said in a declaration, ‘having reviewed the results of the Greenpeace research, can confirm that all of the samples tested comply with the Indian laws and regulations, designed to protect consumers.