But after the decline begins it occurs faster.

The seniors received yearly checkups and memory tests in which that they had to memorize and instantly recall a list of 12 unrelated words. The assessments showed that in normal participants who had eight years of schooling, accelerated storage reduction began 5.5 years prior to the dementia diagnosis. In seniors with 16 years of education, accelerated memory reduction started later on about four years before dementia diagnosis, but it happened faster then. Dr. Hall says the results do not imply that education causes dementia but the rapid decline may be explained by how people who have even more education have a larger cognitive reserve, or the brain’s ability to maintain function regardless of harm. Dr. Hall says the analysis is valuable since it examined memory loss before a formal diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.Also, should you have pets, now is a good time to figure out what you would do with them. 7. Incorporate studying and planning into your life style. You can’t do that unless you study and practice now, when you can. Make it a daily part of your life. 8. Get the whole family included. The more that more of you understand, the better; redundancy is certainly crucial. You should all learn each others’ skills. 9. Get your finances in order. This might seem odd, but if you don’t start living inside your means now, you will not have the ability to finance the gear and supplies that you need, in addition to any lessons you shall need to take to learn an art. 10. Physical exercise and eat right. Get off the couch, get outside, enter a gym and begin eating better. If you are healthier, you shall need to take fewer medications, you can walk and hike and function harder and longer, and you will be better able to defend yourself..