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A safe and sound and efficient gene delivery technique it doesn’t involve viruses The potential of gene therapy has long been hampered by the risks associated with using viruses as vectors to provide healthful genes, but a fresh University of Georgia study helps bring scientists closer to a safe and efficient gene delivery method that doesn’t involve viruses canadian online pharmacy . Assistant professor of chemistry Yan Geng and her colleagues in the UGA Franklin College of Arts and Sciences have got created a novel synthetic gene vector that packages DNA into well-described nanostructures that allow it to efficiently deliver genes without triggering immune responses.

Given at the same time that the radiotherapy or chemotherapy is administered. He said that although the study was in mice and that it was early times as the idea still needed to be proved in sufferers, the principle of keeping tumour arterioles open to increase responses to treatment should function in the many tumour types where ET-1 was expressed.. A revolutionary approach to angiogenesis will make cancer treatment far better at killing tumours A revolutionary approach to angiogenesis by a group of Belgian researchers will make cancer treatment far better at killing tumours.