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The usage of therapies and medicines assist in controlling the symptoms of ADHD. In addition to ADHD medicine, physical and attention enhancing therapies are accustomed to help individuals achieve prolonged periods of focus on specific tasks. Medicine works from the inside and helps in managing the chemicals that are responsible for depreciating the attention of the individual. Mental therapies, on the other hand, help a person to take control over his senses through deliberate attention through practice.ACID REFLUX DISORDER treatment with Baba Ramdev medicines The problem of acid reflux disorder occurs when body struggles to digest particular types of foods which are specially oily, spicy or greasy in nature. It is due to disturbance in the digestive juices in addition to imbalance of the digestive hormones. To get rid of this nagging problem, Shankha Bhasma which has been made available by the pharmacy of Swami Ramdev Ji can be utilized. It’s been prepared from natural ingredients including drinking water, Dharit Kumari, small bits of Shuddha Shankha and lemon juice. Chief great things about using Shuddha Shankha Bhasma Shuddha Shankha Bhasma or often called Shankha is effective in the treatment of various types of eye disorders.