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Block from Block Medical Center in Chicago known as fast whey as a ‘super food’ for cancer sufferers, recognizing its indispensable role in assisting cancer patients accomplish optimum nourishment.. A Glimpse on Whey Protein’s Potential Anti-Cancer Properties Cancer refers to a group of diseases characterized by rapidly developing abnormal cells with the ability to invade surrounding tissues and organs. It accounts for the 7.6 million of deaths worldwide in 2008 and is considered the leading cause of mortality in both sexes. According to the American Cancer Society, about 1,569,670 new cases of malignancy are expected to occur this season.They need to start talking to younger kids more regularly and really put an idea in place to improve a few of these beliefs, she said. The same needs to be performed by communities and schools, she added. Starrla Penick, national system director at MADD, added, Teens who usually do not start drinking until they’re 21 are 85 % less likely to be in an automobile crash than those who start drinking before age 14. Kids who begin drinking early will travel drunk later in lifestyle and get into an automobile with a driver who have has been drinking, Penick said. Penick said parents possess an essential function in fighting peer pressure.