It is played all over the world.

Usually the joints and muscles are inclined to injuries due to over working and over using. In the field of sports, we may have observed the players wearing a special type of tattoos on the bodies. These are in fact not the tattoos. The colored tattoos are simply the sports tape that has been a necessity of almost every athlete now. The coloured tape worn by nearly every athlete is usually a treatment remedy. The sports tapes are of several different kinds. KT Sports tape is one most popular brand amongst various other sports tape also. Its value and recognition is due to its functionality and overall performance. The Functionality – As we have heard about KT sports tape quite often but most of us don’t know what the important top features of this tape are. How the tape works such as a miracle.Andrew J. Vickers, attending analysis methodologist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York and the lead writer of the analysis, told the paper. ‘However when you try to answer fully the question the right way, as we do, you get very clear answers. ‘We believe there’s firm evidence assisting acupuncture for the treating chronic discomfort,’ he said. For those who are not familiar with the procedure, acupuncturists use small, sterilized needles, inserted at various places on your body to stimulate acupoints, which in turn produce a variety of results.