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Having MN as the state journal of AHAF can help us to do that.’ The open-gain access to model strives to get over barriers by traditional scientific publications that restrict distribution to those who are able the fees for electronic access . The content released in MN will be free and will not merely help patients and healthcare providers stay abreast of the latest progress, but may also enable researchers to communicate their important study to the global community quickly.Ignorance is normally no excuse beneath the law of our body. Certain causes equal certain effects no matter how we may think otherwise. Experts have linked diabetes to diets high in processed foods and low in raw foods, high in sugars and low and fat in fiber, and poor drinking water drinking habits . They link diabetes to inactivity and weight problems also. These factors could be controlled. They aren’t genetic and they are not really ‘caught’. This is really good news since it means that diabetes can be avoided along with all the current risks attached to it, such as blindness, amputation of limbs, chronic kidney disease and others.