Life-saving diagnostic tools needed for screening and prevention of prostate cancer.

A man is diagnosed every 2.5 minutes, and the incidence has elevated seven fold in men aged 50 and younger, and tripled in men aged 50 to 59 since 1986. A guy dies every 19 a few minutes from prostate cancer, even though prostate cancer could be cured when detected early. Existing prostate diagnostics, like the PSA biomarker and digital rectal test, cause widespread underdiagnosis, overdiagnosis and overtreatment, with dire human and societal costs, Dr. Shtern said.Decisions about whom to vaccinate are complicated by the fact there are no reliable lab tests that can definitively say if a person currently has or has had atopic dermatitis previously. The researchers will carry out both laboratory and clinical studies to understand why atopic dermatitis individuals are susceptible to eczema vaccinatum, to discover biomarkers that can definitively identify atopic dermatitis patients in general and those who are especially vunerable to eczema vaccinatum, also to develop protocols to safely vaccinate atopic dermatitis patients. We expect that our research plan will result in safer smallpox vaccination for atopic dermatitis individuals and a far more thorough security of our population against a bioterrorist strike using the smallpox virus, said Dr.