Liver Damage From Hepatitis C More Widespread Than Thought: THURSDAY.

But medical information didn’t reveal the cirrhosis in 62 % of these patients, the scholarly study found. Liver biopsy is definitely the gold standard for diagnosing cirrhosis, but the researchers found a fourfold higher prevalence of cirrhosis among individuals than shown by biopsy alone. Other scientific tests, including blood tests and a non-invasive scoring system referred to as the FIB-4 score, can reveal cirrhosis but are underused also, Gordon said. ‘There are several messages in our paper, and one is that if you’re simply relying on liver biopsy to determine a medical diagnosis of liver cirrhosis, you are going to end up being greatly underestimating the prevalence,’ he said.The advancement in the field of the medical sciences has helped a complete great deal in dealing with all such issues, which are generally occurring among the folks of age 50 and more. Today, we have a genuine number of treatments and diagnostic equipments to treat and diagnose the condition. Depending upon the health of the patient, the physician might suggest any of the treatments, like Sclerotherapy, Ablation, bypass, Angioplasty & Stenting, or Microphlebectomy.