New study* from NPS discovered around 1 in 5 people reported ever having used an expired medication.

Instead, take them to your neighborhood pharmacist who will be able to get rid of them safely. Recent analysis** by NPS found that only 20 percent of people who keep a Medicines List remember to record their over-the-counter and complementary medicines along with their prescription medications. Furthermore, less than half carry their list with them all the time. Exclude medicines from your cabinet past their expiry day or that are no more needed.However, when several mistakes of the individual push him into the valleys of sorrows and darkness from the peak could cause severe bio-polar depression. Well, bio-polar depression is usually remedial and lithium is used as medication, but due to its side effects experts recommend symmetry nasal spray, an all natural lithium. Even you can cure this disorder without medications by changing your routine and try to get proper sleep just. 3.Postpartum Depression Disorder Mostly seen in women after pregnancy. There is no acute cause of it really is yet identified, some studies show that lack of vitamins and minerals cause such disorder, whereas some said hormonal changes in ladies during progeny period is in charge of the Postpartum disorder. The victim of this scientific disorder can feel fatigue, low self esteem, adjustments in sleeping and diet plan, anxiety, irritability, hopelessness, reduced libido, etc.