One benefit will be a sophisticated ability to discover heart defects in newborns.

Olav’s Medical center. ‘The organs are so little, and current ultrasound imaging can only provide limited details. A cardiologist needs many years of experience in order to make a analysis with any certainty.’ Dr Nyrnes is area of the Medical Imaging Laboratory , whose host institution is the Norwegian University of Technology and Technology . MI Lab is one of Norway’s 14 unique Centres for Research-based Development which have received financing from the Research Council of Norway since 2007. New imaging of blood flow Colour Doppler imaging offers been the standard in ultrasound since the late 1980s. MI Lab’s fresh method, called blood flow imaging , provides two-dimensional blood flow information by visualising blood speckle movement superimposed on colour Doppler images.After adjustment for baseline prevalence, numbers of subjects with severe mobility-related disability in the lifestyle-intervention group were 308 of 2514 at 1 year and 517 of 2514 at 4 years, in comparison with 474 of 2502 at 1 year and 656 of 2502 in 4 years, respectively, in the support group. At calendar year 4, the prevalence of good mobility was 38.5 percent in the lifestyle-intervention group, as compared with 31.9 percent in the support group.