Potentially setting back again research by years.

Dawson went on to say this has never happened in the 35-year background of the tissue resource center – which is funded by the National Institutes of Health – and said the hospital said it really is taking steps to make sure it will not happen again. ‘Brain cells donations are precious,’ Dawson wrote. ‘We have been incredibly grateful to the households who produced these donations and have been contacting each family affected. You want to ensure that this unfortunate and uncommon incident won’t negatively affect donations in the future.’..The hospitals that voluntarily chose to participate in this open public reporting effort are showing a true commitment to quality improvement and helping to ensure cardiovascular disease patients nationwide have the best possible treatment. Hospitals can receive up to four stars based on their efficiency in each data measure with four out of four becoming the highest ranking; hospitals that chose not to discharge data are shown as not participating in ACC's open public reporting effort.. AbbVie selects Halozyme’s ENHANZE platform to augment their advancement pipeline Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc. Under the conditions of the agreement, Halozyme will receive a short $23 million payment, followed by milestone obligations totaling around $130 million for each of up to nine collaboration targets.