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In the event, you want to attain maximum nutrition from your own food then, you should attempt to consume raw fruit and veggies. Processed vegetables are tastier than the raw form certainly, but after being subjected to heat vegetables often drop their nutrient content. This is same for fruits also, and if you want to realize maximum nutrients from fruits and vegetables, then you should make an effort to switch to salads. In the event, you are prepared to control your excess weight, then salads could be very good for you.From August 2011 to April 2012 Five rounds of supplementary immunization were conducted in Xinjiang, with a total of 43.). Adults received OPV during four rounds of supplementary immunization conducted in southern Xinjiang. Monovalent OPV type 1 was used through the third and fourth rounds, with 20 million doses administered approximately. Trivalent OPV was found in the final circular, since it is used for routine immunization. A complete of 422 moderate adverse events had been reported after immunization; no severe or moderate adverse events regarded as related to vaccination were reported. Interruption of Transmission The outbreak of imported wild-type poliovirus in Xinjiang was stopped 1.5 months after laboratory confirmation of the index case. The reported incidence rates of nonpoliomyelitis-related acute flaccid paralysis in Xinjiang in 2011 and 2012 exceeded 2 instances per 100,000 population among children younger than 15 years , and the timeless indicators of the surveillance system for severe flaccid paralysis met WHO requirements.