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Prior to the producing of the national spending budget, all ministries fulfill and propose their budgets. When we reconcile to 100 percent, we discover the money isn’t enough. According to Opio, the federal government allocated about 260 billion shillings or about $115 million for maternal and reproductive health in the 2010/2011 budget . Somalia’s seemingly inexorable descent into chaos and the rise of a group affiliated to Al-Qaeda which has proved its ability to strike beyond Somalia’s borders are likely to overshadow the summit’s recognized theme of maternal and child health, based on the news service .Muscle weakness on account of elevated potassium imbalance and degrees of electrolytes. 4. Permanent kidney damage requiring lifelong dialysis. 5. Death Diagnosis: – 6. Urine output measurements to measure total excretion of urine in a day. It helps to ascertain the reason for disease. 7. Urinalysis: – urine lab tests are administered to learn the presence of infections and abnormalities. 8. Blood testing: – To measure the levels of urea and creatinine. 9. Imaging exams like MRI/CT scans and ultrasound. 10. Kidney Biopsy This disease is very difficult to avoid often.