Titled Possibilities and Challenges Associated with Clinical Diagnostic Genome Sequencing.

‘The options of these technologies are several,’ noted, Iris Schrijver, AMP President and lead author of the report. ‘As the just Association whose people are experts specifically dedicated to the field of molecular pathology, AMP gets the responsibility to initiate and lead the discussion on safe, useful and effective applications of next-generation sequencing.’ The record illuminates the current state of NGS by contacting out and highlighting the issues to be resolved in greater depth moving forward. ‘The next phase of reporting will include detailed studies of the validation, interpretation, and bioinformatics elements of NGS. We are thrilled to collaborate with various other organizations to develop guidelines for software and quality assessment,’ stated Jane Gibson, WGA Functioning Group Chair.It had been Dr Hoppmann’s inspiration to partner SUSME and AIUM to build up the 2013 12 months of Ultrasound campaign, designed to highlight ultrasound in education. Dr Hoppmann offered the Plenary Session Medical Education: Ultrasonography as a Basic Clinical Competency furthermore to moderating a 2-part Teach-the-Teacher course through the 2012 AIUM Annual Convention. The AIUM congratulates these most deserving individuals for their incredible contributions toward advancing ultrasound in medication.

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