Without addressing the root cause of the event truly.

There are many uncertain events happening around us everyday. We can’t avoid from facing the problem but we are able to change our perspectives. This is the best way to cope with major distressing events. o Action – Practical solution Instead of drowning within the fearful thoughts, it is wise however to do some practical planning. Shift your mind to the solution instead of the problem. Write down all the possible solutions that you able to think of and make it into a list like below: 1. Work 2 overnight. Ask for extension 3. Ask for help 4. . Then you’ll notice that there are always solutions to the problem you’re facing. Of course, there must be obstacles to every success. Analyze the nagging problem; understand the obstacle and wait no more. Take solid action! o Habit – Change your habit You might have wondered why some people seem to be more susceptible to worries and unwanted intrusive thoughts while some people are born to be free of such events.STEC-HUS Following authorization by the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut , Germany’s health care regulatory body for biologics, and an access system for patients initiated in-may, Alexion initiated an open-label medical trial to research eculizumab as cure for individuals with Shiga-toxin generating E. Coli hemolytic uremic syndrome in Germany. 2011 Financial Guidance: Alexion’s 2011 revenue guidance offers been revised upward, from the previously announced range of $720 to $740 million, today to the higher range of $745 to $755 million.